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Liesl Ansley

What do you get when you combine Nancy Drew with a numbers-junkie? Liesl! As a Chartered Accountant with a certificate in Forensic & Fraud Investigations, Liesl goes deeper into her clients’ books than most accountants would. Although she works at the speed of lightning, her motto is to never compromise on the value and quality of her work. “There’s a right and a legal way to do things, and I’ll stick to it.” On the weekends you’ll find her spending time in nature with her husband and two boys.

Lizbé Murray

Lizbé loves to crunch numbers and translate tax laws into digestible bits, while giving a personal service to her clients. As a Chartered Accountant (SA), Registered Auditor, and tax authority with over 16 years of experience in accounting, auditing, financial management, and taxation she knows how to get the job done. She spends her free time travelling, relaxing with family, and finding innovative uses for baby wipes.

Ruzanne de Villiers

Ruzanne is an organising extraordinaire with a flair for making sure that all the cogs in the wheels are oiled and run smoothly. With more than six years of experience working as a PA for the director of an audit and accounting firm, Ruzanne is an invaluable part of the business. She knows her way around everything tax related. She has even dabbled with auditing. In her free time she loves to dance (she even has a gold medal to show for it!), teach her little girl tricks on the trampoline, or do voluntary work.

Laurinda Nel

For our resident accountant, Laurinda, every day that she can crunch numbers and solve problems for her clients, counts as a good day. As a Professional Accountant (SA) and former financial manager of a company involved in international trading, she knows how to keep her clients’ accounts up-to-date and compliant. Her motto “The most important thing in life is how you leave a person feeling” guides her every day. Her other loves are personal training and trying out new restaurants – if ever you need to plan a special date, Laurinda stands ready with a great recommendation.